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The following is a list of all irregular verbs occurring at least twice in the Corpus of Current American English.

be, do, have, read, spread, lead, misread, tread, reread, re-read, plead, bleed, breed, feed, speed, shed, wed, upbraid, forbid, bid, outbid, underbid, rid, build, rebuild, hold, uphold, withhold, behold, understand, stand, misunderstand, withstand, spend, send, bend, lend, unbend, find, bind, wind, grind, unwind, unbind, lade, hide, ride, slide, override, stride, flee, see, oversee, foresee, clothe, lie, underlie, make, take, undertake, shake, mistake, wake, overtake, forsake, remake, awake, partake, retake, re-make, betake, strike, come, become, overcome, shine, shoe, rise, arise, lose, choose, write, bite, rewrite, smite, underwrite, co-write, overwrite, re-write, leave, weave, interweave, heave, shave, give, drive, forgive, dive, strive, shrive, thrive, prove, freeze, dig, hang, overhang, bring, sing, string, swing, spring, cling, fling, sting, ring, sling, wring, teach, beseech, catch, break, speak, sneak, stick, seek, think, sink, drink, shrink, stink, slink, work, deal, steal, feel, kneel, spoil, fall, befall, tell, sell, swell, dwell, foretell, resell, spell, misspell, spill, dream, swim, mean, lean, begin, spin, win, learn, born, burn, run, overrun, outrun, re-run, over-run, undo, overdo, outdo, go, forego, forgo, undergo, leap, keep, sweep, sleep, creep, weep, hear, wear, tear, bear, swear, overhear, shear, forbear, beat, eat, bet, meet, get, forget, let, set, upset, offset, beset, reset, inset, preset, off-set, wet, fight, light, fit, hit, split, slit, knit, spit, sit, quit, shoot, overshoot, hurt, cast, broadcast, forecast, recast, typecast, telecast, newscast, miscast, rebroadcast, comcast, podcast, webcast, cablecast, re-cast, hoist, cost, burst, thrust, bust, cut, undercut, shut, put, input, output, draw, withdraw, redraw, re-draw, saw, shew, strew, sew, show, blow, mow, know, grow, throw, overthrow, overgrow, outgrow, regrow, over-grow, sow, lay, slay, overlay, waylay, underlay, mislay, pay, repay, underpay, overpay, say, unsay, gainsay, fly, buy