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Development stages are different stages of a word list before it is completed. It is currently a new feature that came from Wikibooks and was started on January 19, 2011. It is a useful tool for editors to find out how far the word list is before it is completed.

This feature contains the templates {{stage}} and {{status}}.

The different stages[change]

There are in total of 5 different development stages. They are being listed below:


In this stage, this means that all the words in the word list are not created before and everything found in the word list are all red links.


This stage means that there are some words created, but there is still lots of red links.


This stage means that there are a fair bit of words created (around half of the word list).


This stage means that there are lots of blue links, but there is still a small amount of red links.


The word list is finished.

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