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leg is on the Basic English 850 List.
left - leg - let
leg is one of the 1000 most common headwords.
left - leg - less





A woman's legs
  1. (countable) Your legs are the two long parts of your body that you move to walk, or a similar body part on an animal.
    I lost a leg in the war.
    The footballer broke a leg during the game.
    The bus stopped and everybody went out to stretch their legs.
  2. (countable) A leg is part of a piece of furniture, such as a table, on which the furniture stands.
    I can see an ant crawling up the leg of the table.
  3. (countable) A leg is part of a tour or journey.
    The band had to cancel the German leg of their European tour.

Related words and phrases[change]

Parts of the leg (edit)

hip - thigh - knee - shin - calf

Parts of the body (edit)
head ears - eyes - eyebrow - nose - mouth - lips - tongue - tooth (pl. teeth) - cheeks - chin
torso neck - throat - shoulders - chest - breasts - ribs - abdomen - pelvis - back
internal organs heart - lungs - liver - stomach - kidneys - intestines - bladder - ovaries - uterus/womb
extremities arms - hands - fingers - legs - feet - toes
sex organs penis - vagina - testicle - ovary - vulva