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  1. A language is all the words used by a group of people, and grammar (the rules for making them into sentences). People who speak the same language can understand each other; people speaking different languages cannot understand each other.
    The English language has easy grammar but difficult spelling and pronunciation.
  2. Language is the usage of words in a specific subject, the vocabulary of the subject.
    This document is written in legal language, only lawyers can understand it.
    There is a special chemistry language that you need to use when answering questions in the chemistry examinations.
  3. Language is the special usage of words in a passage of text.
    The language in this document is very offensive and biased.
  4. (computing) A language refers to computer language, a group of code that tells a computer or machine what to do.
    There are many programming languages out there, it really depends on what kind of software that you are trying to create.
  5. Language is vulgarities and profanities.
    Please mind your language! It is very rude to talk to people like that!
  6. A language is a flat plate in or below the flue pipe of an organ, a languet.

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  1. (old, no longer used) When you language with someone, you talk to the person using a language.