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Administrators, also called admins or sysops (system operators), are editors that have access to special features that help keep Wiktionary running smoothly. They have access to these features because they are trusted by the community, but this does not make them better or more important than anybody else.

Things they can do

This is the symbol of administrators. It shows the site's logo with a mop, because administrators can be thought of as Wiktionary's janitors.
Reverted changes by User A (talk) to last version by User B (Tag: Rollback)


A bureaucrat is a slightly higher administrative level than sysop and can perform a few additional functions. Bureaucrats can give and remove sysop permission and grant bureaucrat status to other users after a successful request. They can also "flag" bots, which hides a user's contributions from the new changes and puts them in the bot group.

Prior to 15 September 2014, bureaucrats could rename users locally on their project. That function has then been disabled and a historic log of those actions can be found here.

Renames should now be requested using this special page.

Requesting adminship

Please see the request for permissions page to nominate yourself or another user for administrator or bureaucrat status.

List of administrators

You can look at an automatic list at Special:Listusers/sysop


Non-regular administrators

This wiki allows Global sysops to perform uncontroversial admin actions when urgent and hence all global sysops have the admin rights here.