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Bots are automated scripts or processes which perform jobs on Wiktionary. Usually, they do jobs which would take a long time to do without the bot.

Bots perform their jobs under a different user name than the owner, so that it is easy to tell them apart. Also, bot edits are hidden from pages like Special:RecentChanges to keep them from flooding the list. To see the bot edits, manually add hidebots=0 to your query string, or click "Show bots" at the top of the New Changes feed.

The most popular type of bot is called the Python Wikipedia Robot Framework or "pywikipediabot" for short.

Current bots[change]

These users have been given a "bot flag" and are approved to perform tasks. See Special:ListUsers/bot for a current list of fully approved bots. (table updated on 26 April 2015)

Bot Name Owner Function Last edit
BarrasBot (changes) Barras Archiving discussions on pages Yes check.svgY Active
DerbethBot (changes) Derbeth Adds audio files to articles 17 February 2015
HydrizBot (changes) Hydriz interwiki links and other miscellaneous tasks Yes check.svgY Active
JAnDbot (changes) JAn Dudík interwiki links Yes check.svgY Active
Maintenance script (changes) Keegan_(WMF) SUL finalisation Yes check.svgY Active
MediaWiki message delivery (changes) None Sending mass messages Yes check.svgY Active
YS-Bot (changes) Yoursmile interwiki links Yes check.svgY Active
See an automatically updated list here.

Bot approvals[change]

Requests for the bot flag should be made on Wiktionary:Simple talk. This wiki uses the standard bot policy, and allows global bots and automatic approval of certain types of bots. Otherwise, there is no formal bot approval process here; place your request on Wiktionary:Simple talk and a bureaucrat will flag your bot.