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Expectation is on the Academic Vocabulary List.
  1. (countable) An expectation is something you think is going to happen (something you expect to happen).
    Zeke's mother had every expectation that he would go to university after high school. So she was surprised when he told her he was joining the military instead.
    The doctors told me, "Our expectations are that these tests will not show any serious problems. But we want to do them anyway just to be safe."
  2. (countable) An expectation is something that a person is supposed to do, has to do, or needs to do.
    After Latasha forgot to pay her Internet bill, the Internet company told her: "Our expectation is that you will pay on time in the future."
    His parents' expectations were that Kyle would clean his room, make his bed, and make dinner every night.
  3. (uncountable) If you do something in expectation, you do it while waiting for something to happen (you are expecting something).
    Before they were married, Bill would wait by the telephone for hours every night in expectation of Monica's next call.
    As soon as she was served the chocolate-covered strawberries, her mouth began to water in expectation of how good they would taste.

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