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Lady Godiva, a heroine
  1. (countable) A hero is a person who is very brave and does great things. The hero may be real or not real, and often defeats dangerous enemies of the people.
    The hero Hercules was said to have killed the nine head snake called "hydra."
    I'm sorry your son died in battle, but he died a hero.
  2. (countable) Your hero is a person you greatly admire. This may also be someone you want to be similar to.
    Leonardo DaVinci used to be my hero.
  3. (countable) Your hero is someone who saves or defends you.
    "Oh, my hero!" she said to her rescuer.
  4. (countable) A hero is the main character in a story or film (movie).
    A female hero is a heroine.
  5. (countable), (informal) Short for hero sandwich.
  6. (countable) A good person with special powers; a superhero.

Usage notes[change]

The word hero was used for a male in the past, and a heroine was female. Now hero is often used for both sexes.


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