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box is on the Basic English 850 List.
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box is one of the 1000 most common headwords.
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A box.
  1. (countable) A box is a square container, usually with four sides, a top and a bottom.
    We had big cardboard boxes filled with the stuff.
    I gave my seat to an old woman with a chicken in a wooden box.
    It was always fun to open my lunch box and see what my mom had packed.
    Jack Ferguson found a box containing his son's personal papers,
    After the party, there were empty pizza boxes everywhere.
    UPS had delivered a stack of boxes.
  2. (countable) A box is a container.
    The address was a local post office box, not a physical address.
    My cell phone was in the glove box of the car.
  3. (countable) A box is a square area with lines around it in a magazine, book, or computer screen.
    It's especially important to speak to your doctor if you belong to this group (see box on page 118).
    Right-click in any Explorer window or any Open or Save dialog box.
  4. (countable) A box is an electronic device such as a television, radio, or computer.
    We'd brought a boom box out back and played the only radio station that came in.
    More TVs get connected to the Internet, either directly or through set-top boxes.

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Plain form

Third-person singular

Past tense

Past participle

Present participle

  1. (transitive & intransitive) If you box, you fight someone for sport by punching them.
  2. (transitive) If you box something (up), you put it in a box.
    He boxed his old belongings up.
  3. (transitive) If you box something on a page, you draw a square around it.