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A box of ashes
  1. (countable & uncountable) Ashes are what is left of something after it has burned (been destroyed by fire).
    The was nothing left of the wood but ashes.
    He was covered in ash from the fire.
    After the funeral we kept his ashes in a vase on the table.
  2. (uncountable) Ash is a light gray color. The color of wood ashes.
    My sister loved to wear ash-gray cloths.
  3. (countable) An ash is a type of tree.
    I had an ash growing in my yard.
    There are several ashes in the lot across the street.
  4. The letter Æ (capital) / æ (lower case). This letter is not used often in modern English. It is found in Old English and some other languages, and is an IPA symbol.