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Variety is on the Academic Vocabulary List.
  1. (countable) (singular) A variety of things is a group of things that are not all the same.
    Americans can buy a wide variety of cheap products at local supermarkets.
    This study was conducted over a relatively long period of time and in a variety of settings.
    The films cover a wide variety of topics from wars to fantasy.
    The teachers use a variety of techniques to help the students understand the material.
    We get the information from newspapers and a variety of other sources.
    They felt it was important for a variety of reasons.
    The shirts are available in a variety of fun colors.
    Middle school students participated in a wide variety of activities.
  2. (uncountable) Variety is the quality of not being the same.
    Fruit can add variety to your salads.
  3. (countable) A variety is one kind of something, especially plants and animals.
    The shop has 25 tomato varieties.
    By 1930, Southerners alone had developed nearly 1,400 unique apple varieties.


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