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  1. (countable) A scene is a place where something happened.
    Police found a gun near the crime scene.
    Reporters arrived at the scene of the shooting shortly after 2:00.
  2. (countable) A scene is one part of a movie or play where the action happens at one time in one place.
    Who could forget the amazing opening scene of Star Wars?
    The movie's sex scene was so bad that half of it was cut.
    His role was so small he appeared in only one scene in act five.
    The Mad Scene in "Lucia di Lammermoor" is a great moment in opera.
  3. (countable) A scene is the public activities of a group of people with a common interest, such as music, politics, etc.
    For more than a decade, she dominated the fashion scene.
    Many of those Lakers fans are celebrities from L.A's movie and music scenes.
    Colin Farrell burst on to the scene as one of the baddest boys since Jack Nicholson.
  4. If something happens behind the scenes, it happens out of sight, in secret.
    It's hard to know what went on behind the scenes.
  5. (countable) A scene is a view of a place, especially in art.
    The photo was a street scene out of New York.
  6. (countable) A scene is a loud, public argument or demonstration.


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