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responsible is on the Basic English 850 List.
respect - responsible - rest
responsible is one of the 1000 most common headwords.
respect - responsible - rest




more responsible

most responsible

  1. If you are responsible for something, you did it or it happened because of something that you did.
    Are you saying that he was responsible for the death of your wife?
    The company was partly responsible for the success of the original product.
    This diet is largely responsible for our fatter population.
    it is unfair to hold one football coach responsible for the school's partying problems.
  2. If you are responsible, you make good decisions and make sure that important things get done.
    She will be a good leader for this organization because she is very responsible.
    We need to come up with environmentally responsible energy sources.
    Many products claim to be socially responsible, such as "fair trade" coffee.
  3. If you are responsible for something, you are the person who must fix things that go wrong.
    I'm responsible for looking after these three buildings.
    Parents are responsible for their children.
    He understands the need to be personally responsible for the changes.

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