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out is on the Basic English 850 List.
ornament - out - oven
out is one of the 1000 most common headwords.
ought - out - over




  1. Something that is out is not in.
    Polly opened the door and went out.
  2. If something using electricity is out, it is turned off or the electricity is not flowing..
    Turn the light out before you leave.
    The power's out so nothing's working.
    I'm trying to find which light went out.
    Oh, no! The fire's gone out again.
  3. Something that moves out moves from the inside to a place that is not inside.
    He took the pen out of his pocket.
    Please, close the door as you go out.
    If you walk out that door, you can't come back.
    The car stopped and out came two men.
  4. far away
    We live out in the country.
    He's about half an hour out of Toronto.
  5. If someone is out, they are not in the place where someone is looking for them.
    You can't see the doctor now. He is out.
  6. to a number of people
    We'll give out the books after everyone has arrived.
  7. away
    Don't throw that out. I'm still using it.
  8. If something is out, you can look at or see it.
    the sun is out
    the flowers are out
  9. If something comes out of something, it comes from it.
  10. If something is out, it is available for sale.
  11. If something is out, it is not in fashion.
  12. If someone is out, they are not conscious.
  13. If a you are out of something, you had it before but you've used or sold all of it.
  14. If is made out of , is the material that is made of.



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Plain form

Third-person singular

Past tense

Past participle

Present participle

  1. (transitive) If you out somebody, you make public something they don't want others to know, especially that they are homosexual.
    The media recently outed a conservative politician.




  1. (sports) If someone is prevented from scoring in baseball, they make an out.
    There were two men on base and two outs.
  2. A way to escape is an out.


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