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occupation is on the Academic Word List.


  • (US) IPA (key): /ɑkjʊˈpeɪʃən/ or /ɑkjəˈpeɪʃən/
  • (UK) IPA (key): /ɒkjʊˈpeɪʃən/ or /ɒkjəˈpeɪʃən/
  • (file)




  1. (countable) An occupation is a job or a career.
    Nursing has been described as a skilled occupation rather than a profession.
  2. (countable & uncountable) An occupation is when a people, especially an army, take over and stay in a country, area, building, etc.
    Everything he owned was taken during the German occupation of Paris in 1940.
    The areas under occupation contained rich farm lands as well as the industrialized sectors of Russian Poland.
    The house on the hill had no lights and no signs of occupation.
  3. (countable) An occupation is a hobby or something else that you do to pass the time.
    Her favorite occupation is reading.

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