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Plain form

Third-person singular

Past tense

Past participle

Present participle

  1. (transitive) If someone indicates something, they point it out or they point to it; they bring your attention to something.
    Brian indicated to his girlfriend the restaurant they were going to on the map.
    He indicated on the map how to get to the police station.
  2. (transitive) If someone indicates something, they show signs of something; they show it.
    A driver has to turn on the signal in order to indicated that he will turn right.
    The shaking of his body indicated to the audience that he was nervous about performing in front of them.
    Jake's nervous expression on his face indicated that he knew more about the topic than he said already.
  3. (transitive) If something indicates something, it shows it through measurements; it makes something known.
    The turn signal indicates that a driver will turn.
    The thermostat on the wall indicates that the air conditioning is on in the house.
    Dark clouds indicate rain is coming.
  4. (transitive) If someone indicate something, they express it, usually in a short or general way; they signal it.
    Hailey indicated that she was sick to her friends, but would not say any more about it.
  5. (transitive), (medicine) If a symptom indicates something, it points out a remedy that would help to cure that symptom.

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