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Depression is part of the Academic Word List. It is important for students in college and university.





  1. (countable & uncountable) (psychology) If someone has depression, they have a condition which makes them very sad and makes it very hard for them to imagine being happy later.
    After Suzie's dog passed away, she fell into a depression for six months.
  2. (countable & uncountable) A depression is when a person's feelings are very sad and unhappy.
    John had a small depression after he lost the tennis match, but in two weeks he was back to normal.
  3. (countable) A depression is a low point on a surface.
    There was a small depression in the ground where the rock had been.
  4. (countable & uncountable) A depression is when the economy slows down by a lot.
    The business community is worried that the oil problems could lead to a depression.

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