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  1. (usually before a noun) A regular event repeats after a similar amount of time or space.
    The best way to keep everyone happy is to have regular meetings.
    I call home on a regular basis.
    She lost all that weight through regular exercise.
    He rested at regular intervals throughout the day.
    The staff knows all the regular customers.
    There are rest stops at regular intervals along the trail.
    The colors were arranged in a regular pattern.
  2. A regular thing is the usual or common one, not special or different.
    They met at their regular time.
    These special students are in regular education classrooms but need extra help.
    This is the last regular-season game before the playoffs.
    Maybe if he acted more like regular people, he wouldn't have these problems.
    I don’t like regular flavor.
  3. A regular coffee or "coffee, regular" usually means with one milk and one sugar, but it means different things in different places.
  4. Regular gasoline has an octane rating between 85 and 88.
    The price of regular gas went up about 5 cents a litre over the weekend.
  5. (grammar) A regular word follows the normal rules for marking tense, number, etc.
    In English, jump is a regular verb because it's past tense is -ed, but go is irregular.
    A regular octagon.
    An irregular octagon.
  6. (geometry) A regular shape has all angles and all sides equal.
    A stop sign is a regular octagon.
  7. (not before a noun) If someone is regular, they defecate or menstruate at predictable times.
  8. (usually before a noun) You say X is a regular Y, to suggest that X is very much like Y in some important way, even though X is not actually Y.
    He's a regular jackass. (he's foolish)
    She's a regular Sherlock Holmes. (she's good at solving mysteries)
    According to his wife, he's a regular Olympian at the little games they play. (he wins all the games)

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  1. (countable) A regular is a customer who comes often.
    He is a regular at the restaurant. He comes every day after work.