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  1. (countable) A participle is a form of a verb that has not been tensed. The expression headed by a participle is used either as a complement or as an adjunct.
    In the following sentences, the underlined word is a participle:
    Boiling water is very hot.
    The used book had a dirty cover.
    I was studying English when you called this morning.
    I have walked on this street many times.
    The table is supported by four legs.
    Without thinking, he ran down the street.

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Grammar (edit)
parts of speech noun - verb - adjective - adnoun - adverb - determinative/determiner - article - participle - pronoun - conjunction - preposition - interjection
grammatical functions head - dependent - subject - predicate - predicator - object - complement - predicative complement - predicative adjunct - predicative oblique - appositive oblique - modifier - supplement- adjunct - determiner/specifier
clauses main clause - dependent clause - subordinate clause - relative clause