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cold is on the Basic English 850 List.
coat - cold - collar
cold is one of the 1000 most common headwords.
coffee - cold - colleague






A cold day
  1. If something is cold, it is low in temperature.
    The wind made her hands cold.
    It's going to be very cold today so wear a jacket.
  2. If someone is cold, they are not kind.
    She's always so friendly to everyone, but she's really cold to him.
  3. If you have cold feet, you are nervous about something you planned to and you feel like not doing it.
    I almost took the new job, but in the end I got cold feet.
  4. If you give someone the cold shoulder, you ignore them or you are unfriendly towards them.
  5. If you stop cold, you stop very suddenly.
  6. If you are out cold, you are unconscious.
  7. A cold light or colour is a one, often with some blue, that makes you feel cold or empty.
  8. If you do something cold, you do it without any preparation.
  9. Cold cash is coins and bills, not promises to pay.
  10. If something leaves you cold, it doesn't interest you at all.
  11. If someone's or something's trail is cold, you can't find them because they have been missing for too long.

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  1. (countable) A mild sickness. It gives your trouble with your nose and throat.
    He has a cold, so he stayed in bed, kept warm, and took some medicine.