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as well as

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  • IPA (key): /əz ˈwɛl æz/ or /əz ˈwɛl əz/ or /əˈzwɛlz/
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as well as

  1. If you do something as well as something else, you do them both equally well.
    He plays soccer as well as he plays basketball.
    Lucy teaches geometry as well as her husband.
  2. You use as well as to add more information.
    As well as working from 9:00 to 15:00, I've also been studying in the evenings.
    As well as classroom teaching and learning, we saw their foreign language extracurricular activities and audio-visual equipment.

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as well as

  1. You use as well as to add more information.
    He uses his web page to advertise his products as well as provide information about his hobby.
    Both the American public, as well as government, were unwilling to begin another war.
    Logic as well as experience support this choice.
    We need to look at the positive as well as the negative points.