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In Simple English Wiktionary, different flags are given to different users upon their requests and the community's positive feedback about that user. There are a total of 12 user flags that can be given, with 8 given by Administrators and Bureaucrats and the rest given by Stewards on Meta Wiki. Click here to see the list of rights available for users.

Rights that can be given by administrators and bureaucrats[change]

There are a total of 8 user flags that can be given by either administrators, or bureaucrats. They are listed below:


See also: Wiktionary:Administrators

Administrators are a special group of users that have complete access to the MediaWiki software interface. They can block a user, delete a page and edit protected pages. They are selected by the Wiktionary community as they are trusted with using these tools.

See Special:ListUsers/sysop for a list of users in this group.


See also: Wiktionary:Bureaucrats

Bureaucrats are people who can edit other people's user rights. They can make someone an administrator, and flag a bot.

See Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat for a list of users in this group.


See also: Wiktionary:Bots

Bots are automated process done by the system or by people who create these bots to make edits without flooding Special:RecentChanges and make edits very fast that a normal human will take very long to do.

See Special:ListUsers/bot for a list of users in this group.


See also: Wiktionary:Rollback feature

Rollbackers are people who can quickly revert edits made by a user without slowing down the server.

See Special:ListUsers/rollbacker for a list of users in this group.


See also: Wiktionary:Autopatrol

Autopatrollers are users that have their edits automatically patrolled, and can mark other users' edits as patrolled. This is useful for checking for vandalism and the quality of entries.

See Special:ListUsers/autopatrolled for a list of users in this group.

IP block exemption[change]


The IP block exemption is available for users who has their IP address blocked. The user can skip the block and can do anything that the blocked IP address usually can't do.

See Special:ListUsers/ipblock-exempt for a list of users in this group.

Account creators[change]


Account creators are users that are not affected by the 6 account creations per day per IP address limit. They are useful for creating accounts for a group of people (like a school). This right is given to administrators by default.

See Special:ListUsers/accountcreator for a list of users in this group.

Interface administrators[change]

See also: Wiktionary:Interface administrators

Interface administrators are users that can edit the user interface. Pages include MediaWiki:Common.js and MediaWiki:Common.css, both of which can affect the way users see pages. This right is given by bureaucrats and only for a temporary time.

See Special:ListUsers/interface-admin for a list of users in this group.

Rights that cannot be given by administrators and bureaucrats but can be done on Meta[change]

The following are user flags that can only be given by Stewards on Meta Wiki.

Check users[change]

See also: m:CheckUser policy

Check users are a group of users that can check another user's IP address to prevent vandalism. They can check for accounts with identical IP addresses so that they can all be blocked and make Wiktionary free from vandalism.

Importers/Transwiki Importers[change]

See also: Wiktionary:Transwiki importers

Importers are users that can import pages from another wiki, either by uploading a file created by Special:Export or by using the transwiki import feature.

The transwiki import tool is useful for copying content from another Wiktionary while keeping the attribution of the page since all Wikimedia projects are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0.

This right is given to administrators by default.


See also: m:Oversight policy

Oversighters are users that can hide revisions from other users, even administrators and bureaucrats.

Other rights[change]

Autoconfirmed/Confirmed users[change]

Once an account has reached 4 days old, the user account then becomes autoconfirmed and is then allowed to edit semi-protected pages or move pages.

The confirmed user group is for users that have not yet been 4 days old and have not yet made at least 10 edits. Both autoconfirmed and confirmed user groups have the same rights.