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Transwiki importers are a special group of users that can do importing from other wikis of the Wikimedia Foundation. They are useful for copying content from other wikis while keeping the full history, which will improve attributions. Administrators have this right automatically assigned to them.

The editor must meet certain requirements.

  • Gain a local consensus
  • Have a minimum of three months on the project
  • Have a minimum of 200 mainspace edits on the project
  • Have a clear task

When you need the import tool, request it on Meta. When you are done, give it back.

Import process[change]

The import screen
  1. Go to Special:Import
  2. Enter the name of the page to import.
  3. Uncheck "copy all history revisions for this page"
  4. Be cautious to not check the box to bring all the templates over, this feature will overwrite many templates, even ones you don't intend to overwrite.