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visit + -ation





  1. Law: Sometimes, parents have children who do not live with them. A judge may give a parent visitation with their children. This allows the parent to see their children on a certain day and time.
    After the divorce, Bobby's mother was only allowed visitation with him on Sundays.
    I have visitation with my kids this weekend.
    The judge said he would take away Charles's visitation rights if he missed one more visit with his children.
  2. Visitation means to visit or go see someone.
    I am going to see my father in prison during visitation hours on Saturday.
    Hospitals sometimes limit visitation when patients are sick so they can rest and get better.
  3. In some cultures, after a person dies, people are invited to a visitation so they can see the body before it is buried. (Also called: calling hours; viewing hours; wake)
    After their father died, the family held visitation hours so his friends and family could come say goodbye.