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  1. (countable) In many areas, such as the UK, Australia, India, and Singapore, a solicitor is a type of lawyer who offers legal services to clients outside of court.
    I have instructed my solicitor to sell the house to any interested party.
    If in doubt, consult an accountant or solicitor about the various taxes involved.
    The rules are relevant to solicitors practising in partnership in England and Wales.
    On 4 August, solicitors acting on behalf of the relatives wrote to the judge.
    The court had no clear evidence that the copy was sent to the defendants' solicitors.
    Such a rule would prevent solicitors from handling the client's case from start to finish.
    On the solicitor's advice, we have decided to proceed.
    Are you represented by a solicitor?
  2. (countable) A solicitor is someone trying to sell things, especially door to door.
    Don't answer the door. It's just another solicitor.


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