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Facility is on the Academic Vocabulary List.
  1. (plural) A place's facilities are its rooms, equipment, and services.
    Picnic, barbecue and playground facilities are located throughout the park.
    The money helps to provide equipment and facilities for physical education.
  2. (countable) A facility is a building for a particular purpose, such as doing sport, policing, health care, etc., often a large public building.
    He found that Houston neighborhoods had quality recreational facilities, a friendly environment and extra security.
    The town now has the cleanest wastewater treatment facility in the state.
    I hated the idea of putting my mother in a nursing facility.
    I put most of what I owned to a storage facility, and moved to California.
    The church has started operating an educational facility just off Highway 11.
  3. (countable) If you have a facility for something, you do it well or learn it easily.
    Your son has a special facility for causing problems.
  4. (plural) The facilities is the washroom or toilet.
    Excuse me, but may I used the facilities?


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