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more dynamic

most dynamic

  1. If something is dynamic, it is changing, usually quickly.
    Communication is a dynamic process in which the changing situation affects what you say and how you say it.
  2. If someone is dynamic, they take charge and get things done; they have a lot of energy.
    He was a good worker, but often unnoticed because of his more dynamic coworkers.
    Picasso obviously had a more forceful and dynamic personality than Braque.
  3. (physics) of or about motion
    We tested the bar's strength in both static and dynamic tests.
  4. (grammar) A dynamic verb describes an action with a clear end point.
    Dynamic, but not stative, verbs can take progressive aspect.



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  1. (usually plural) The dynamics of a situation or group are the ways in which everything effects everything else.
    We talk about what doctor should do without any real understanding of the dynamics of the doctor-patient relationship.
    Team dynamics also have an influence on the outcomes and the contribution of members.
  2. (uncountable); (physics) Dynamics is a kind of mathematics that deals with motion and forces that cause changes in a system.
    They built a computer model based on the mathematics of fluid dynamics.
  3. (plural only) Dynamics are changes in the loudness of music.
    The dynamics of the performance are lost in this poor recording.
  4. (singular) A dynamic is a force that causes change.
    This is where we need the dynamic of God's transforming presence.
    This view puts the dynamic of police racism in the norms and values through which the police define their roles.