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  1. An alphabet is a list of the letters used to spell words by representing phonemes.
    The first 3 letters of the alphabet are A, B and C.

Types of alphabets[change]

  • Latin alphabet

For English writing, we use the Latin alphabet, which is also called the Roman alphabet.

  • Cyrillic alphabet

There are several types of Cyrillic alphabet used in different countries.

  • Greek alphabet

The Greek alphabet is used by people in Greece. The letters are sometimes used by scientists when writing equations.

Usage notes[change]

Accented letters, such as ü, are not generally counted as separate letters.

Related words[change]

Letters of the Alphabet

A a - B b - C c - D d - E e - F f - G g - H h - I i - J j - K k - L l - M m
N n - O o - P p - Q q - R r - S s - T t - U u - V v - W w - X x - Y y - Z z