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would is one of the 1000 most common headwords.
worth - would - write




Simple present

Simple past



  1. (modal) Would is used to show your past plan or decision.
    He said he would be seeing Mr Moi in Bonn on Monday.
  2. (modal) Would is used to show that in the past you expected something to happen.
    It would soon be time to go home, but I didn't want to leave.
    It looked like it would rain soon.
  3. (modal) Would is used to show that something happened regularly in the past but not now.
    Every summer we would go to the lake for a few weeks.
    When I was in Ottawa, the snow would be so deep you couldn't walk.
  4. (modal) Would is used to talk about unreal, unlikely, or conditional situations.
    You wouldn't like it if you had to see it every day.
    If I could choose I would go to bed at about two o'clock in the morning.
    I think if he wanted you he would have come to you, don't you?
    " equals . If equals two, what would be?" " would be ten."
  5. (modal) Would is used to ask politely for something.
    Would you please explain that to me?
    Would you mind if I had a party while you were away?
  6. (modal) Would is used to offer something politely.
    Would you like to go out for lunch then?
    Would you have some bread?
  7. (modal) Would is used to give advice.
    I would go back and talk to him about it.
  8. (modal) Would is used to show that something is typical, usually when you are unhappy about it. In this case, it's always stressed.
    He would come just when we were leaving.

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