rather than

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rather than

  1. You use rather than to connect two things when only one is true, preferred, or appropriate.
    We're going to do it sooner rather than later.
    People who learn languages quickly are the exception rather than the rule.
    This change will increase rather than decrease their chances.
    She insisted on having the room papered rather than painted.


rather than

  1. In preference to; instead of.
    Rather than you do the job, I'd prefer to finish it myself.
    Rather than sell the painting, Tim preferred to destroy it.
    Rather than engage in a long report over the telephone, I had invited him to lunch with me at home on this quiet Sunday.
    Rather than that should happen, he would give up his job.
    Rather than going directly home, she had turned walking into the afternoon thickness of downtown.
    She made students think for themselves, rather than telling them what to think.
    Bryson decided to quit rather than accept the new rules.

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