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Propose is on the Academic Vocabulary List.
  1. (transitive) When you propose something, you say that it should be done or chosen, usually in a formal situation.
    She proposed that we should see a film.
    We have proposed that a new group be set up to answer this question.
    "I'm going to propose real cuts in taxes," said the President.
    Clinton now proposes doing almost exactly the opposite.
  2. (transitive) When you propose a new theory or idea, you say that you believe it to be better than old ideas.
    I would like to propose that the problems we have had are actually not because of money.
  3. (transitive) When you propose to do something, you plan or intend to do it.
    What does he propose to do in the future?
  4. (intransitive) If you propose to somebody, you ask them to marry you.
    He proposed to his girlfriend outside her house.
  5. If you propose a toast, you celebrate somebody by raising a glass and drinking.
    I'd like to propose a toast to our new manager.


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