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more immediate

most immediate

  1. If something is immediate, it happens right away, without waiting.
    They are asking for an immediate withdrawal of American forces from Iraq.
    Immediate feedback from an online quiz was available for each lesson.
    When I saw it, my immediate reaction was, "this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard."
    When he joined the team, the impact was immediate.
  2. (usually before a noun) An immediate danger, problem, etc. is one that exists and needs attention now.
    I did not harm anyone, put anyone in immediate danger.
    The immediate threat is from foreign fighters who are already here.
  3. If something is immediate, it is close or near.
    At this age, babies begin to notice things in their immediate environment.
    She refused to speak to anyone including friends and immediate family.
    I don't think we'll be building any more smart cars in the immediate future.


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