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domain is on the Academic Word List.





  1. (countable) A domain is a field or area of knowledge or skill, or of where a rule is in force.
    The question of whether there is a god or not is not within the domain of science.
    The copyright is expired and the book is now in the public domain.
  2. (countable) A domain is a large area owned by a person or controlled by a government.
    The Royal Domain of Drottningholm stands on an island in Lake Mälar in a suburb of Stockholm.
  3. (countable) A domain (name) is a group of internet addresses or URLs that share the same last section (e.g., http://simple.wiktionary.org/wiki/domain is in the wiktionary.org domain.)
    If you want to set up a web site, the first step is probably to register a domain name such as amazon.com or google.com.