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  • (UK) IPA: /ˈdɛsp(ə)rət/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: des‧per‧ate



more desperate

most desperate

  1. A desperate action is one that is dangerous or likely to fail, but one that you take because you have no choice.
    During the fire, some people tried to break through a wall in a desperate attempt to survive.
    Doctors are running out of time in their desperate search for a cure.
    They took desperate measures to survive, including killing and eating their dog.
  2. A desperate situation is a very bad one.
    Trucks have not been able to reach the village for weeks, and the food situation appears desperate.
    They are in desperate need of help.
  3. If someone is desperate, they have a very strong want or need for something.
    We're desperate for money to help these people.

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