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construction is on the Academic Word List.

Word parts[change]

construct + -ion





Construction is on the Academic Vocabulary List.
  1. Construction is the act of building something.
    The workers began construction of the new hospital last week.
    The recent downturn in the economy is causing a lot of pain in the construction industry with few new homes being built.
  2. Construction is the way that something is made.
    The stone construction of these buildings makes them very cold in the winter.
  3. (linguistics) In language, a construction is a combination of form and meaning.
    Spoken English doesn't use as many passive constructions as written English.
  4. A construction is a particular way that something is understood.
    In this book, the meaning of "man" is not a simple natural thing; it is a social construction.
  5. A construction is a building, bridge, tower, model, or large piece of art.
    A large and unusual construction stood just outside town.

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