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  1. (countable & uncountable) Clearance is the process of getting official permission for something.
    She needs to get top-secret security clearance before working on the secret program.
  2. (countable & uncountable) Clearance is the permission for an aircraft to take off or land.
    We'll have to circle for a few minutes while we wait for landing clearance.
    You have clearance for take off.
  3. (uncountable) Clearance is a period when goods are sold cheaply to make space for new goods.
    The shops here often hold clearance sales after Christmas.
  4. (uncountable) Clearance is the space between two objects so that one can move without touching the other.
    The truck only had two inches of clearance going under the bridge.
  5. (uncountable) Clearance is the process of removing unwanted materials.
    Cities in Canada have to pay a good deal for snow clearance.
  6. (uncountable) Clearance is the process that a cheque has to go through before the person who deposits it can use the money.
    For cheques deposited on Friday, clearance is not until Monday.
  7. (countable) (sports) A clearance is the action of getting a ball away from your goal.
    On each of the six attacks, a Fulham player made a headed clearance.

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