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capacity is on the Academic Word List.







Capacity is on the Academic Vocabulary List.
  1. (countable & uncountable); (singular) The capacity of a container, room, etc. is how much it can hold.
    The capacity of the bottle is 500 .
    The capacity of the hard drive is 120 GB.
    I'm sorry, this pool only has a capacity of 100 people and I can't let any more in.
    If you fill it to capacity, you won't be able to carry it.
  2. (countable) The capacity of someone or something to do something is the ability to do it.
    I was impressed by his energy and capacity for hard work.
    Since the head injury he has lost his capacity to learn new names.
  3. (uncountable) The capacity of a factory or business is how much it can produce.
    It will soon be necessary to increase capacity at our Toronto plant to meet Canadian demand for the product.
  4. (countable) If someone does something in a particular capacity, they are doing it in that role.
    I am not writing to you in my capacity as your doctor, but as a friend.
    Sometimes I make decisions in my capacity as father that I don't like in my capacity as husband.
    He's been hired in a temporary capacity.