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Application is on the Academic Vocabulary List.
  1. An application is a request for something. Often it is a paper form that you have to fill out to ask for something.
    She filled out her applications for college and hoped she would hear soon whether she was accepted to any schools.
    I have to go to the bank today to fill out an application for a loan.
  2. An application is the way something is used.
    The application of the new laws made things much more fair in the country.
  3. If something has an application, it can be used.
    She liked studying Latin in college, but found that a degree in Latin had few applications in the real world.
  4. An application is a computer program.
    He told me I would need a special application to make my new printer work with my old computer.
  5. Application is putting something onto something else, like a surface.
    Kathleen was so light-skinned that she needed many applications of sunscreen each time she was at the beach to keep from getting sunburned.
    The doctor said: "Application of this medicine to your cut will make it heal faster."