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along is one of the 1000 most common headwords.
almost - along - already




  1. If one thing happens along with another, they go together.
    Along with his daughter, he is studying French.
    She gave him a shirt along with the pants.
  2. If you go along with something, you agree with or follow it.
    We're going to go along with your plan.
  3. You use along to show movement from one end of a long thing towards the other end.
    Along the road were just a few cars.
    They walked to school, and along the way, she told him about her idea.
  4. If something was true all along, it's true from the beginning.
    He knew the real story all along.
  5. If two people get along, they are friendly with each other.
    I don't go to her house because we don't get along.

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