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I made the page "alphabetical" specifically for this page (to avoid a red link at the top), but it still goes straight to editing that page. I don't get it. --Cromwellt|talk 01:34, 2 March 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Ah! Now it works. Weirdness. --Cromwellt|talk 01:36, 2 March 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Page move[change]

I think this page would look better as "Wiktionary:Requested definitions," so I'm going to move it. If someone disagrees, they can move it back, and I'll just leave it where it is after that. --Cromwellt|talk 04:22, 10 March 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

lets keep up with it...[change]

Now that this is empty, I think we should keep it that way. By following requests quickly we look good to requesters. This should be easy if the list stays small. It should stay small if people empty it quickly. These words must have value to some readers or there would be no request. --Jared 21:18, 18 March 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

In my opinion, it is good to keep some requests here. We should keep at least a few so that people know how to do it (based on example) and so that they aren't intimidated by an empty space. And on the other hand, we're inviting them to make definitions for these words, but if we don't have a reasonable quantity (10-50 or so), they'll have nothing to choose from here (and we want them to find plenty of options to improve with the first thing they try so that they are encouraged to stay). But others might feel differently. --Cromwellt|talk|contribs 22:36, 18 September 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Formatting change[change]

Just a note, I changed the column formatting. This way it automatically shifts the column break, it's easier than having to manually do it. Tempodivalse [talk] 16:06, 19 February 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I did it![change]

All by myself, I filled in each and every request. Hard work, but it got through. The Pikachu Who Dared (talk) 15:17, 4 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

What happened?[change]

Come on! I don't see any entries! Message me if you get any! The Pikachu Who Dared (talk) 01:31, 14 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]