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Information.svg Hello, and welcome to Wiktionary!

I don't want to seem unfriendly or make you feel unwelcome, but I noticed your user page, and I am concerned that it might not meet Wiktionary's user page guideline. After you have read that guideline, could we discuss my concerns here? I'd like to hear your views, such as why you want the current page, and whether you might agree to change it to something else.

There are several ways we can deal with this matter:

  • If you can explain why your user page meets Wiktionary's user page guideline, I can stop worrying about it.
  • If you decide to delete the page yourself, please add "{{delete}}" to the top of your user page. An administrator will then delete it.
  • If the two of us can't agree on what needs to be done, I can list your user page at "Wiktionary:Requests for deletion" so that we can discuss with other editors whether the page should be kept or deleted.
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Please remember to substitute this template by using {{subst:uw-userpage}} instead of {{uw-userpage}}.

This template is used to give a notice to users about their user page not following the rules of Wiktionary.


| 1 = The user page
| 2 = Any additional comments to add
| icon = The icon to use
| subst = Whether or not to substitute the template parameters, accepts "subst:" or blank

This template should be substituted on the respective user talk page, while adding a signature just after that. For example:

{{subst:uw-userpage}} --~~~~


This is the TemplateData documentation for the template used by the new VisualEditor.


Template for giving a notice to users about their user page not following the rules of Wiktionary.

Template parameters

Page title1

The user page.

Page nameoptional

The icon to use, should be a name of a file.

Page nameoptional

Whether to substitute the parameters in the template, takes values of "subst:" or none.