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admit is one of the 1000 most common headwords.
address - admit - advertise





Plain form

Third-person singular

Past tense

Past participle

Present participle

  1. (transitive) If you admit someone, you allow them to enter an area or a building.
    The man was admitted to the theater, and sat in the front row.
  2. (transitive) If you are admitted to an institution, the institution starts taking care of you.
    He was admitted to hospital and he is having his operation next week.
    My elderly grandmother was admitted to a nursing home.
    To be admitted to a state school, children must show the ability to learn.
  3. (transitive & intransitive) If you admit something, you say reluctantly that it is true.
    She admitted that she robbed the bank.
    The accused admitted stealing the money.
    No child would ever admit to enjoying school.
    "Climbing the Everest was harder than I thought," he admitted.
    She admitted her mistake and apologized.