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This page is a hard rule on the Simple English Wiktionary. Many people agree with it. They see it as a standard that all users should follow. When changing the page, please check that the other people agree with your changes. Use the talk page when you are not sure or when you want to propose a change.

A person with the autopatrol permission is a user whose edits are not automatically marked as needing to be checked. Currently, there are 15 autopatrollers in the Simple English Wiktionary.


  • The user should request the tool on the requests for permissions page under the appropriate header.
  • The requesting user must be active here for at least two weeks.
  • The requesting user must link to at least five articles which are "complete", checked if the English Wiktionary has the pronunciation, a "good" definition and one example. Entries that have been created using the acceleration tool do not count.
  • The right will be granted by an admin at his or her discretion.