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Due to life circumstances, I will be inactive on Wikimedia projects indefinitely.
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Hi. I make lots of sound clips showing how to say words in US English. Now I have 600 of them on my other English Wiktionary user page. I will be putting them here into Simple English Wiktionary.

I also create new dictionary entries, add example sentences, and add International Phonetic Alphabet pronunciations.

New words added[change]

Letter Count Words
A 2 armpit, automate
B 2 barefoot, breeze
C 1 Cambodia
D 2 deodorant, download
F 1 frugal
G 3 glossary, go without saying, graze
I 5 icy, impale, impervious, informative, invincible
L 2 Laos, lengthen
M 1 milkshake
N 1 New Zealand
O 1 optimize
P 2 palindrome, pierce
Q 1 quart
R 1 rinse
S 4 screwdriver, shampoo, shopper, stockpile
T 4 thicken, tire out, trash bag, triple
U 2 underarm, upload
W 1 workflow
Total 36