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1300 EasyEnglish words[change]

a able about above accept accord across action act ad advance afraid after afternoon again against age ago agree air alcohol alive all almost alone along aloud already also always be among amount an ancestor anchor and angrier angrily angry animal ankles another answer anxiety anxious any anybody anyone anything anywhere appear april argue arm army arrive ash ashamed ask asleep assist associate at attack authority awake away axe baby back bad badly bag bake ball bank bar barrel basket bath bathe bc beach bear beat beaten beautiful become because bed bee before begin behalf behind being believe believer belong belt bend benefit bent best better between beyond bible biblical big bird birth birthday bit bite black bleed blow blind blood blowing blue boat body bone book border both bottle buy bow bowl box boy branch brave bravely bread break breakfast breast breathe bride bridegroom bright brighter brightly bring broken bronze brother brown bucket build builder building burn bury bush business busy but buying by call come camel can not capital captain car care careful carefully careless carpenter carpet carry cart cat catch caught cause centre century certain certainly chain chair chance change changer chapter charity cheap check chief child choose christian chronicle church circle city citizen clay clean clear clearly clever climb clock close cloth cloud coast coat coin cold colour comfortable comment commentary common completely confused contact contain continue conversation cook cool copy corner correct correctly cost could count counted country court cousin covenant cover cow crazy creatives cry cross crowd crown cruel cup curtain curve cut daily dance danger dangerous dark date daughter day dead death debt december decide decrease dedication deep deer deliver demand demon describe desert design destroy devil dictionary do die difference different difficult difficulty dig direction dirt dirty disappoint discover dish doctor dog donkey door dive doves down downstairs drank dream dress draw drink drive drop dry dug during duty each eagle ear earlier early earth easy easily east eat edge editor egg eight eighth either else empty end enemy enjoy enough equal even event ever every everybody everyone everything everywhere evil example except expensive explain extra eye face fact fail fair fall false family far farm farmer fast fasten faster fat father feast feed feel foot fell felt female festival fetch fever few field fifth fig fight fill finch find finger finish fire first fish fisherman fist five fix flat floor flour flower fly foal foam follow food fool for foreign forget forgive four fourth free fresh friday friend friendly frighten frightened frog from front fruit full future gallon game garden gardener gate give generation get gift girl glass glory go goat god gold good goodbye government governor grandchildren grandfather grandparent grandson grape grapevine grass great green grow grey ground group grown grows guard guide guilty have hair half hand handbook hang happen happy hard harp harvest hat hate he head hear heart heat heaven heavy hold hell hello help helper hen her here herself hide high hill him himself his hit hole holiday holy home homepage honest honey hope hop horn horse hot hotel hour house how hugged human hundred hung hungry hurry hurt husband hut hypocrite I ice idea if ill illness illustrate immediately importance important impossible in include info insect inside instead instrument interested interlinear international interpretation into iron island it itself jacinth jar job join journey judge jump june just justice keep key kick kill kilometre kilos kind king kingdom kiss knee know knife knock lady lake lamb lamp lampstand land language large last late later laugh law lay lazy lead leader learn least leather leave leaf left leg legion lend lent leopard less lesson let letter lie life lift light lightning like line lion liquid list listen litre little live loaf lock logo long look lord lose lot loud louder loudly love lovely low luggage make magic male man many march mark market marriage marry marshall master material matter may maybe me meal mean meant measure meat medium medicine mediterranean meet meeting mend message messenger messiah metal metre midday middle midnight might mile milk million mind mine miracle mirror mission mistake mix mixed moment money month moon more morning most mother mount mountain mouth move much mud murder music must mustard my myself nail name narrow near nearly necessary neck need needle neither net never new news newsletter next nice night no nobody noise none noon nor north northeast northwest note nothing notice november now nowhere number oars obey of off offer offering office officer often oh oil old olive on once one only open opposite or order other ought our ours ourselves out outside over own owner ox pay pain painful paint pairs palm paper paradise parallel parent part party pass past path patient patiently pearl pelican people perhaps person pick picture piece pierce pig pipe place plan plant plate play please pleasure plenty plough pocket point poison police policeman polite pool poor porch port possible pot pound pour poured pours powder power powerful powerfully pray prepare present press priest prison problem promise proper properly prophecy prophet proverb psalm public publish pull punish punishment purple purpose purse push put quarrelled quarter queen question quick quickly quiet quieter quietly quite rain rainbow raise ram run rather reach read reading ready really reason receive recognise red refuse region register regular remain remember remove repair repeat reply report rest result return revelation rich ridden ride rid right ring ripe rise river road rob robber rock rocky rode roll roof room root rope round rub rule ruler rush sacrifice sad sadder sadly safe safely say sail sailor salt salty salvation same sand sang sapphire sit satan saturday save saw school scorpion scream scripture sea season seat second secret secretly see seed seem sell send separate september serious seriously servant serve set seven seventh several sex shade shadow shake shall shape sharp she sheep shell shepherd shine shin ship shirt shoe shone shore short shorter should shoulder shout show shut sick side sign silly silver sin since sinful sing single sir sister sits six sixth size sky skin skull slap slave sleep slow slowly small smell smoke snake snow so societies soft soil soldier some somebody someone something sometimes somewhere son song soon sore sorry soul sound south southwest spat speak spear special spent spice spirit spit spoken square st stair stand star start stay step stick still stoic stomach stone stop store story storm straight strange stranger stream street string strong strongly student study such suddenly suffer sugar suggest sulphur summer sun sunday sunrise sunset supper supply sure surely surprise sweat sweep sweet swim swimming sword table tail take talk tall tanner taste taught tax teach teacher tear teeth tell temple ten tent tenth testament text than thank thanks that the their theirs them themselves then there these they thick thin thing think third thirsty this thorn those thought thousand three throw throne through thrown tie tiger time tire to today together tomb tomorrow tongue tonight too tool tooth top touch towards town translate translation translator travel tree try trouble true trumpet trust turkey turn tweet twelfth twice twin two unable under understand undo united unless unlock until up upon upstairs use used us usual usually valley valuable value various version very village vine visit visitor vocabulary voice volume vulture wait wake walk wall want war warm wash waste watch water way we weak weakness wear weather weed week weep weigh weight welcome well west wet what whatever wheat wheel when where whether which while whip white who whoever whole whom whose why wide widow wife wild wilderness will win wind window wine wineskin wing winner winter wisdom wise wisely with without witness wive wolf woman wood word work worker world worm worth would write writer wrong wrongly yard year yeast yellow yes yesterday yet you young your yours yourself

reengineered based on the Gospels, the Acts and Revelation texts http://www.easyenglish.info/

I couldn't decide which 100 words to leave out extra, I already regret the deletion of the word topaz ...