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I copied this off a guys userpage, kick my ass if you oppose to me doing it.

I'm basically considered the down-to-earth, girl-next-door, daddy's little girl type person. But that is just some opinions of people. I consider myself otherwise. I consider myself a music fan. Yeah, I'm your NON-typical girl. I love the color pink, too. Nothing is wrong with me, no missing limbs or no mental/physical diseases. Just randomness. So what else do you need to know about me? Nothing, I guess, so... yeah.

Well, here are some unneccesary and random tidbits I thought I'd add to my webpage.

  • B - Brilliant
  • I - Incredible
  • A - Awesome
  • N - Neat
  • C - Cool
  • A - Aggressive

Biography - Altough only 16 and 7/12, she's like... really childish and cocky and whatnot. But she's proud and Portuguese. She loves music!!!! She likes to songwrite and construct guitar music. She's originally from Brazil.

  • B
  • BI
  • BIA
  • BIAN
  • BIAN
  • BIA
  • BI
  • B

My lyric site


The evil Brazilian is staring at you planning your DOOM. Be afraid, my victim.
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