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1 2007 SPOK NBC_MeetPress Osborne in The Republic, not by name, not by name, it was backgrounding at best. Mm-hmm. But you called up Vice President Ford and 2 2006 ACAD Style it makes it possible to evidence how the examined author is like others, while backgrounding the aspects of how he is unlike them. The ironic gesture of the " 3 2005 SPOK MSNBC_Matt more carefully to both of you. Does the vice president have a reputation for backgrounding certain reporters he likes to use? Andrea. I don't know that 4 2003 FIC Bk:ChasingDime woman in question. In his capacity as a security expert he also handled online backgrounding of employment applicants and investors for Pierce. In that role he worked closely at 5 2002 FIC AntiochRev , but he made his millions so she forgave him. # Vary the gooey backgrounding through dialogue, Fink says, which is the fecund fruit, the veritas vitae 6 2001 FIC Bk:VoidMoon n't sure if brokers took down plate numbers as a means of tracing leads or backgrounding potential buyers. She didn't want to be traced. It was the same 7 2001 FIC Bk:DarknessMoreThan , which was the same with the present case. I also knew from our backgrounding investigation of Mr. Storey that at the time of Ms. Lopez's death he was 8 1997 FIC Frontiers used the metaphor " woman=nature " as both a symbol of women's victimization and backgrounding under male domination and as a symbol of inherent female sensibilities about the interconnected web 9 1997 MAG AmSpect on Reno not to ask for a counsel show no signs of abating. In backgrounding reporters, political appointees at Justice have offered their belief that an in-house investigation of 10 1996 ACAD Raritan repute among certain contributors. Matters of Parliamentary politics were felt by them to deserve backgrounding in relation to what belonged to the serious subject-matter implied by the compendious period sense 11 1996 ACAD Style the latter indicated in this case by dotting the narrator's field of vision. backgrounding and foregrounding the different fields is the model's way of accounting for Genette's 12 1995 ACAD Style . The evolution from realistic to modernist fiction can be viewed as a shrinking and backgrounding of the actual core of the textual universe. As the relation of the private 13 1994 ACAD Style " you " narrative loses a good deal of its narratorial and allocutive qualities, backgrounding, that is, both the narrator's function of narration (which usually consists 14 1991 FIC Atlantic , " How about showing me your operation? " Tully explained the cycle of backgrounding, summer pasture, and commercial feedlot, the average gain per day in each