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  1. When -y is added to the end of a word, the new word is an adjective meaning "full of or characterized by" the original word.
    If you are angry, you have a lot of anger.
    crispy means full of or characterized by being crisp.
    airy means full of or characterized by air.
  2. In words like army, city, and country, -y means "employment, office, dignity".
    An army is a group of people who fight for a country.
    A city is a large place where people live and work.
    A country is a large area of land where people live under the same government.
  3. In names, such as Johnny and Kitty, -y makes the name more friendly or childish.
    Johnny is a friendly way to say John.
    Kitty is a friendly way to say kitten.
  4. In words like victory, -y means a state, condition, or quality.
    Victory is the state of having won.