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trail + -er







A boat on a single-axle trailer
A gooseneck trailer attached to a pickup truck
  1. (countable) A trailer is something that follows, or trails behind something else.
  2. (countable) A trailer is a vehicle with wheels that is connected to the back of a car or truck, usually to carry something.
    The trailer of the eighteen-wheeler was carrying fresh produce.
    Load the luggage into the trailer.
  3. (countable) (US) A trailer is a home with wheels that can be moved around. When it is not being moved around, it can be lived in.
    We drove our trailer to Yellowstone National Park.
  4. (countable) (US) A movie trailer is a short video that shows a little bit of a movie, video game or television show.
    The new trailer for Your Name came out yesterday!