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set up

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set up

  1. If you set something up, you plan or organize it.
    After the problems, her mother set up a meeting at school.
    To find out if this will work, we set up our own contest, complete with cash prizes.
  2. If you set up a new business or organization, you start it.
    We're trying to get the money to set up shop in Toronto.
    They just set up that scholarship fund a few weeks ago.
  3. If you set up a temporary structure, you build it.
    After they arrived, they set up camp.
    We set up a table at the fair and sold jam.
  4. If you get set up for something, you get ready to do something.
    It will take us a number of hours to get set up.
  5. If you set up a new device or machine, you make it ready to use.
    I had a lot of trouble getting the camera set up.
  6. If you set somebody up with something, you give it to them so they can use it.
    When I got hired, the company set me up with a new phone.
  7. If you set somebody up, you make it look like they have done something wrong when they have not.
    The majority of people believe that O.J. didn't do it, that he was set up.
  8. If you set two people up, you introduce them so that they can fall in love.
    Frank used to set me up with his friends who work in IT.